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Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson Joins Nationals Lapeer Coaching Staff!

We are excited to announce that Kevin Robinson will be coaching our Nationals Lapeer 2003, 2002 & 2001 high school boys’ teams in the 2019/20 soccer season.  Kevin’s coaching experience and playing experience are a unique combination that will directly benefit these players and teams.

In addition to coaching soccer at the University of Michigan’s Boys Soccer Camp since 2000, Kevin has coached soccer for the last 19 years at these noteworthy soccer organizations, including:

  • Chicago Lakefront Soccer Club
  • Michigan Rush
  • Saline FC
  • Saline Youth Soccer Association
  • University of Michigan Boys Soccer Camp
  • Waza FC North (in Genesee County)

Kevin’s vast soccer playing experience in college soccer and professional soccer spans across many years and includes:

  • AFC Ann Arbor, NPSL
  • Michigan Stars, NPSL
  • Michigan Bucks, PDL
  • University of Michigan Men’s Soccer

Bob Jannuzzi, director of coaching at Nationals Lapeer welcomes Kevin to the coaching staff and the local soccer family. “Kevin has the right skills and experience to challenge these players to develop their soccer abilities to the next level to meet their individual goals.  Our players and teams will benefit as Kevin instills a level of teamwork, leadership, patience, hard work ethic, courage and trust with each of them as these are important values in their soccer success, and also in their ‘game of life’.”

To explain further, Kevin states that “I can’t teach effort, but I can teach everything else that is needed to be an elite soccer player.  All I ask of each player is their maximum effort at practice and games.  That doesn’t mean every moment of every game and practice.  Each player has a job to do.  It may be offense, defense, or keeper.  When you are called upon by your team and the game to give an effort, that effort needs to be the maximum you can give.  It may be a run off of the ball, it may be tracking back on defense, or it may be coming out to save a break away.  Each player is a pivotal part to the success of our team.  And each player’s level of effort determines how much the team will succeed.

Kevin lives in Davison and is married to his lovely wife Ali.  They have two daughters, Harper and Veda, and a baby boy coming soon this September!  They are all looking forward to meeting everyone at Nationals Lapeer, and Kevin is looking forward to a great season!

Kevin welcomes your calls or emails with any questions that you may have about his plans for the Nationals Lapeer 2003, 2002 and 2001 teams.  Here’s his contact information:

Cell Phone:       773-407-0994