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Team Commitments / Tryouts

Thank You for Your Interest
in Nationals Lapeer Select!


Unfortunately, in-person tryouts will not be held for the 2020/21 soccer season, per Michigan State Youth Soccer Association guidelines (Due to the current Covid-19 situation)


Teams will be formed through a "virtual" process per this schedule:


effective monday, june 1, Current Nationals players are allowed
to make commitments for the 2020/21 season.
your coach will be contacting you soon or you are welcome to give them a call. 


effective saturday, june 13, players from other clubs are allowed
to make commitments for the 2020/21 season. 
if you're interested, please click the link below to receive a call
or you are welcome to call one of the directors of coaching listed below.

2020-2021 Coaching Assignments

2020/21 info

Click here to complete your club and league paperwork!

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director of coaching

Bob Jannuzzi

club manager

Melissa Kaake

club manager

Chris Kaake